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27th February 2019

Access control

Dicam can now offer door access control systems to ensure that customers agricultural buildings are secure and only the right people have access. On-site security is an important part of any business and farming is no different.  Electronic door access has become the most effective solution to control who is in your buildings and when. Here’s how it works:

  • You issue a card or key fob to every member of staff

  • Each card or key fob is uniquely programmed to give access only to where you allow them to go

  • Access can be limited to selected times and days

  • Login and logout option is available to enable time tracking of your employees

  • Visiting maintenance, feed or veterinary personnel can be given access and their time recorded

  • Reports can be run showing times when employees enter and exit

  • Reporting can be used for payroll and fire safety

  • Remote access can be granted from the on-line portal using the override option (e.g. for a visitor or if someone forgets to bring their card or key fob)

  • In the event that the card or key fob is lost, it can be blocked and another issued

The Access Control system requires an installed Dicam controller and management of the system is driven through the Barn Report Pro online portal.

Access Control

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