Barn Report Pro is the first environmental monitoring tool with both alerts and a check-point/tracking system, stopping small problems from becoming big ones.
Our technology immediately flags changes in off-site water levels, feed consumption activity, temperature variations and other systems – changes you or your employees might not notice right away. We then notify the right people, via voice, text messaging or email. An accountability report is also built right in to the system, giving you peace of mind that the problem has been fixed, and by the appropriate individuals.
Our customized solutions can be used in conjunction with Dicam controllers, or as a monitoring device with any existing brand of control systems. You decide what’s best for your site.
With Barn Report Pro, you’ll have:

  • Alarm notification with accountability features
  • People tracking capabilities
  • Real-time site monitoring
  • A monitoring feature can complements your existing control system
  • Weather reports
  • and more…

Barn Report Pro is simple. It operates in the background. No one wants the ‘boss’ to know their failures. It’s not substantially changeable at the site location.

Barn Report Pro Demo

Barn Report is the industry leader for production data recovered from site. An efficient low cost service connects to your Dicam network, collects and processes the data.
Using PC software issued free of charge you can then review your data. This can help you identify problems, catch disasters before they happen, reduce costs and make more profit.
Barn Report is Internet based and securely encrypted. This means that data distribution is cheap but access is controlled. You may choose to authorize access for your Vet or Consultant which means you can review data together – wherever you are. Expert help without the cost of a farm visit or the risk to biosecurity.
If a visit is necessary, you get best value by having detailed information at hand.

Barn Report Demo