Based in Halesworth, Suffolk, Dicam Technology Ltd provides advanced microprocessor-based control solutions for a wide range of agricultural control, big data monitoring and alarm/notification applications in the UK, USA and worldwide.
Having reached the milestone of 25 years in the business, we are well known in the agricultural industry for our two key products:-

  • The Dicam range; controllers which deliver a complete process control system.  The system can regulate any process involving sensors, actuators, fans, heaters, dampers, fridges etc.  Any sensor can be connected to the controller and any load can be switched or controlled.
  • Our flagship cloud-based product Barn Report Pro which allows users to monitor, in real-time, the environmental aspects of their agricultural buildings or structures, typically temperature, ventilation, feed, water, power and fuel. Intelligent reporting capabilities, bespoke site maps graphics, active charts, critical alarm, better score and access control are just some of the modular features of this product.

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