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10th March 2014

The Dicam team is expanding, we are happy to announce the arrival of two new employees to our Halesworth office, Djamila and Kyle.

Kyle will be taking the role of web programmer and designer, whilst Djamila will be heading up application development.

Kyle is a local to Halesworth, living in the picturesque town of Southwold, and Djamila is even closer living in Wissett.

Together they will be the key to expanding Dicam and our services to a broader audience, with Kyle’s main focus to be developing an more user friendly and easy to use combination of our software into Guardian Action, allowing us to offer the systems to many more applications. Djamila will be focusing on Android based systems to try and use our systems in an even more portable way and extend our target market.

We are really excited to have these new employees on board and we think that they will bring many advantages and skills to the jobs at hand.


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